Travel Deals #1: From the Netherlands

Each week  I will share with you various travel deals, and each week the departure country will differ. Today’s travel deals will have flights departing from the Netherlands

3-day London trip for 77€

London Travel Deal Deals
by Jose Maria Cuellar

If you want to enjoy a weekend in London, but have less than 100€ to spend on flight and accommodation, then this is a good deal for you!

You can spend 3 days from November 26th till November 28th in London, flying with Ryanair from Eindhoven Airport to London Stansted. Your accommodation will consist of a bed in a dorm at Generator Hostel London. Would you prefer to have your own room, then this is possible at a higher rate.

Flight: 29,98

Accommodation: €46.44


4-day Venice trip for €122

Venice Travel Deal Deals
by Moyan Brenn

Venice is a beautiful place to visit, but can also be quite expensive due to the massive amount of tourists visiting. But with a bit of research you can find good deals.

For €126 you can fly to Venice Treviso from Eindhoven, and stay four days from November 12th till November 15th. Accommodation is provided in the form of a bed in a dorm at Generator Hostel Venice.
Private rooms are also available at higher rates.

Flight: €25.98

Accommodation: €96

5-day Dublin trip for €102

Dublin Travel Deal Deals
by LenDog

If you want to spend Christmas in Dublin, it is possible. But if you prefer to leave that holiday to be spent with family, then this deal is perfect for you. Right before Christmas, you can spend five days in Dublin, from December 17th till December 21st.
For €102 you will be flying from Amsterdam to Dublin, and you will be staying in a dorm at the Egali Hostel. This hostel only has dorms, so booking a private room is not possible.
Also included in the price is breakfast at the hostel.

Flight: €39,98

Accommodation: €62

8-day Berlin trip for €146

Berlin Travel Deal Deals
by Rodrigo Paredes

Berlin is an amazing city filled with culture, history and art.  And for €146 you can spend 8 days there.
Flying from Amsterdam to Berlin Shönefeld with Easyjet on January  6th and back on January  13th, you will be staying at the Singer 109 Hostel in a dorm. From your hostel you can get to most of the highlights within 25 minutes or less.
This hostel also offers private rooms. They can be booked at a higher rate.

Flight: €57.98

Accommodation: €87.50

13-day New York trip for €775 (31/01 – 12/02)

New York Travel Deal Deals
by Thomas Hawk

New York is an expensive city, whether you are a local or a tourist. But it is especially expensive if you come from far. It’s not a short trip destination if you come all the way from Europe, but longer trips are pricy, so if you find a deal on flight and accommodation, take that opportunity!

You can fly to New York from Amsterdam in the period January 31st till February 12th, stay at HI New York Hostel where you will be staying in a dorm and all this for just €775.
This hostel only has dorms, so booking a private room is not possible.

Flight: €326.22

Accommodation: €448

8-day San Francisco trip for €687   (1/12 – 8/12)

San Francisco Travel Deal Deals
by Jeff Gunn

If you want to enjoy a San Francisco, but have a limited budget to spend on flight and accommodation, then this is a good deal for you!

You can spend 8 days from December 1st  till December 8th in San Francisco, flying with WowAir from Amsterdam Airport. Your accommodation will consist of a bed in a dorm at HI San Francisco Downtown. This hostel does not offer the possibility to book private rooms.

Flight: € 376

Accommodation: €310

7-day Reykjavik trip for €287   (1/02 – 7/02)

Reykjavik Travel Deal Deals
by Ophelia

Iceland’s popularity has grown, partly because of it being the set of Game of Thrones. Unfortunately it is also known as quite an expensive destination. But I have found a good deal for you. You can spend seven days in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, flying from Amsterdam, and staying in one of Hlemmur Square’s dorms, a hostel and hotel. They do offer private rooms, which can be booked at a higher rate.
The duration of the stay would be 7 days, and it would be from February 1st till February 7th.

Flight: € 150.78

Accommodation: €136

The above mentioned prices can also be applicable on other dates depending on availability.

Which one of these destinations appeal to you?

Cheap travel

cheap travel
by Ben Kucinski

Travelling is possible whatever your budget is, whether you have €2000 to spend or €2 to spend. Of course the more you have to spend the easier it is to plan a trip, but nothing’s impossible.

There are many ways to make travel as cheap as you want it to be. Here are some tips:


cheap transportation
by Jen Light



  1. Try to look for flights on websites like SkyScanner. You can find offers from multiple airlines, compare the prices and choose what fits you the best. You can choose to get price alerts for a certain destination on specific dates, meaning you’ll get an email everytime there is a change in ticket price for that specific flight. I once had a flight go from €200 to €53.
  2. Fly wil low cost carriers such as Ryanair, Easyjet, Transavia or WowAir. Might not always be the most comfortable flights, but they are the cheapest you can get. And some of the carriers even offer long haul flights. Ex: Amsterdam- Washington DC with WowAir for €360
  3. Be flexible with travel dates.
  4. Be flexible with departure/arrival airports. The reason why some carriers are extremely cheap is because they depart from/land in airports that charge lower landing fee’s, which will also makes your ticket cheaper. So instead of flying from London Heathrow, try to also look at flight departing from Stansted or Luton.


  1. Eurolines often offers bus tickets at promotional prices. The more flexible you are with your travel dates, the cheaper your ticket.
  2. BlaBlaCar is a website where someone offers X amount of seats in there car when they go to location Y in exchange of a small fee. It’s pretty much like planned hitchhiking.
  3. You can just go hitchhiking, with a sign on the side of the road. It’s free and can be fun!
  4. Be flexible with travel dates.


Look at deals on the Internet. Sometimes you can travel for a lot less than the normal price.


cheap accommodation
by Kevin Dooley


  1. Get a CouchSurfing account. You can then start looking for hosts in the city you’ll be stayin. It’s pretty much for free, it’s always nice to bring a gift, or to cook for the hosts. You have to do your research well, as there can be some creepers and weird people on there, but if you do it right, and end up with great people, it’s a nice experience. Couchsurfing is also a good way to get to see/know a city the way the locals see/know it.
  2. If you still want some privacy, but you don’t want to go to a hotel, then try looking at appartments on Airbnb. Depending on your requirements, you can get a cheap appartement.
  3. Hostels are a great place to stay at for people with a low budget. The reason why it is so cheap is because you have to share the room and bathroom with other people. but if that’s not a problem for you, then a hostel would be a good option.

Complete holidays

You can find complete holidays with transportation and accomodations for really cheap. The key to cheap holiday packages is of course to be flexible with your travel dates. I know that in the Netherlands WeFlyCheap offers the best holiday deals on their website.

You can also bid on holidays or accomodation on auction sites. If you look a bit on the internet you can really find good deals you can bid on.


Extra tips

  1. Be flexible with your travel dates
  2. When looking online, open private/incognito tabs. That way prices won’t go up if you often look for a specific destination, as cookies won’t save your information, and interests.

Hope these tips help 🙂




Rome Sightseeing

Usually when you travel to a new place there is a thousand things you want to see, and not enough time to see it, it’s fast paced travel. What are things worth seeing in that short amount of time? And what can I save for a next time? In addition to that, organizing the trip can be a hassle as you don’t know the place, how public transportation works, you have to look for a lot of information , and unfortunately you won’t find it all on one single website.

by Chris Yunker

This reminds me of two trips I organized with both Rome as a destination. One was for myself, and the other one was to help organize a school trip.

Let’s discuss them separately.

by Dennis Jarvis

My Rome trip

About three years ago I decided together with two friends that we wanted to go to Italy. It was going to be our graduation trip, our Italy road trip. The idea of going on a trip was way more fun than organizing it, and we ended up not going. It was pretty difficult as we wanted to see so many things in only two weeks. The part where we really struggled was Rome. Why? Well because we wanted to see pretty much everything there is to see, which is a lot and all that in 2 days. And if you have been to Rome you’ll know it is impossible to see it all, if you want to do it properly. But what should I choose, what is a real must see? That was our next question, as we needed a small selection of attractions.

Turns out, and I wish I knew this 3 years ago, that there is an e-book dedicated to visiting Rome in just two days. It’s written by Angelina and Patrick from Rome Sightseeing, which is a very useful website about Rome. Angelina and Patrick are pretty much specialists of the area. Their e-book is called Rome in a Weekend and to get it you only need to give them some social media love (also known as: follow them on social media). That will unlock the e-book, and make it available for you. Their website has everything you need to know about Rome, from hotels, to sights, to clubs, and much more.


by Evelyn Hill

The Rome School trip

Recently I helped organize a school trip to Rome. My tasks consisted of finding cheap restaurants, get information about public transportation, and organize a sightseeing tour through Rome. It had to be around 2 hours long, and this was probably the most difficult task I got for that trip. I have never been to Rome, so I don’t know much about the city, besides that there is a lot to see. Impossible to fit all that into two hours. So as anyone who is looking for information, I used my good old friend Google, but I always got the same list of sights, and if I found different things to do, I couldn’t find any relevant information about the sights. A few days ago, I found a website where they had listed 20 of their favourite things to see in Rome, with a little description of what each thing is. They also had attractions that I had never heard of, that sounded really interesting to me. I would have definitely used this website, had I known about it, as it would have made planning the tour so much easier.

by Dennis Jarvis

So are you planning a trip to Roma, I would strongly suggest you have a look at the links, because there is a lot more to find on that website.


Disclosure: this post is brought to you in collaboration with Rome Sightseeing




My Travel Bucket List

There are a lot of things that I still want to see and do in my life, and a lot of those things are related to travel. That’s why I created a list. My bucket list. It is not definite, and I am pretty sure that I will add things to this list faster than I can do them, but I still have enough time to visit the places, and take part in the activities.


bucket list living with cheetahs
by Caroline Granycome

1 – Volunteer at Living with Cheetahs – South Africa

A while ago I saw a video on YouTube on a travel youtuber’s channel. It was about this project to get cheetahs back in the wild. The goal of the video was probably to “sell ” the journey, and they succeeded, because that’s something I’d like to do…

bucket list visit continent
by Nicolas Raymond

2 – Visit all 6(7) continents – World

Three down, 3/4 to go!

bucket list northern light
by Jim Trodel

3 – See the Northern Light – Norway

I think pretty much everyone would like to see it. It seems so unreal, I gotta see it to believe it :p

bucket list etosha
by Joachim Huber

4 – Go to Namibia – Namibia

I wanted to do my tourism internship there. Unfortunately I didn’t do the internship, but I still want to go to Namibia some time.

bucket list glowworm cave

5 – Go to the Glowworm Caves – New Zealand

The picture speaks for itself 🙂

sea of starts

6 – See the Sea of Stars – Maldives

The picture speaks for itself 🙂

bucket list america
by Remon Rijper

7 – Visit all fifty states of America – USA

Some of the things I want to do aren’t be justified, just a thing I would like to do.

bucket list blumenau oktoberfest
by Vitor Pamplona

8 – Take part in Oktoberfest in Blumenau – Brazil

There are quite a lot of people I know who have gone to  Oktoberfest in Munich , and I also would like to go there. But you know what seems more fun to do than celebrating Oktoberfest in Munich? To celebrate it in Blumenau, a city in Brazil, which was founded by German immigrants.

bucket list hobbiton
by Sheila Thomson

9 – Visit the Hobbiton movie set – New Zealand

Some of the things I want to do aren’t justified, just a thing I would like to do.

bucket list victoria falls
by Mario Micklisch

10 – Go to the Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe

Some of the things I want to do aren’t justified, just a thing I would like to do.

bucket list myanmar
by Marc Veraart

11 – Go to Myanmar – Myanmar

One time I interviewed someone about backpacking. She talked about her trip to Burma, and why she enjoyed it so much. That it’s different compared to Thailand for instance and less touristy. That’s when my Myanmar “obsession” started.

bucket list trans mongolian
by Ramon Boersbroek

12 – Travel with the Transmongolian Express – Russia/China

Some of the things I want to do aren’t justified, just a thing I would like to do.

bucket list brazil
by Xavier Donat

13 – Go to Brazil a second time – Brazil

Two years ago I was in Brazil for my study and really loved it . Not only the weather, the food, the nature, but also the culture . So I would like to go back once again.

bucket list Denmark
by John Anes

14 – Go to Denmark – Denmark

I’ve always wanted to visit Scandinavia, I even almost moved Norway for 6 months. At the moment it’s Denmark that is constantly in my mind, Copenhagen to be specific . And with a little luck and good planning I will be checking this off my list in the summer 🙂

bucket list Japan
by Luke Ma

15 – Go to Japan – Japan

Some of the things I want to do aren’t justified, just a thing I would like to do.

Have you been to any of these places? Or done any of these things?




Business Class Deals: Passport Premiere

Disclosure: This post is brought to you in collaboration with Passport Premiere

passport premiere

Something you have to experience at least once, is to travel in business class. It’s a whole experience in itself. Some of the advantages are for example having more than enough leg room, good tasty food, choice in the food you want to eat, you can sleep well as the seats can completely recline, access to the business class lounge, use the priority lane when checking in or boarding.  I have experienced it before, and to be honest, I loved it, and the only thing keeping me from doing it again is the price of a business class ticket. I like to use my money wisely so spending that $2000 to $6000 on a ticket, knowing I could do so much more with it, is just not an option for me. But there is a way to find the best business class deals, and it’s called Passport Premiere.

by Matt Weibo and Kenneth Lu business class passport premiere
by Matt Weibo and Kenneth Lu

Passport Premiere is a website that allows you to find the best deals on business class tickets. They advise you whether you should buy a ticket or not, according to the prices rising or dropping, the airlines having sales and buyers behaviour. If no one buys, the prices drop.

It surprises me that I didn’t know about this before, as it is really useful. Instead of having to keep an eye yourself on what the best fares are, you can rely on someone with experience who will tell when to buy or when to wait, and in that way you are guaranteed to get the best deal.

Here’s an example. If I would look at economy class tickets from New York to Paris, I would pay around $800 for the cheapest roundtrip ticket. But if I would choose to fly business class, it would cost me at least $2000, which is almost three times the price of a seat in economy class. As I like to spend my money wisely, I would probably choose the cheapest option, in this case economy class. But, on April 14th, business class fares with American Airlines between New York and Paris fell from $5600 to $474 for a round trip. Something I probably would have never known. I could have enjoyed a flight to Paris and back, not only by it being half the price of an economy class ticket, but also with all the benefits of business class.

business class passport premiere
by Phillip Capper

There is an annual membership fee for the services provided by Passport Premiere, but If you travel a lot, go on intercontinental trips, and fly business class, then this is definitely something for you, you will save a lot of money, and earn the money back you spent on the membership.

from passport premiere

To subscribe or for additional information, please go to:



Budget Trip: Brussels

Here I am with a new blog series: Budget Trip. In this series I will write frequent posts about trips under a specific budget.Within the budget are included transportation, accommodation, breakfast and public transportation.

Destination: Brussels

Budget: €150

Duration of stay: 4 days (September 4th – September 7th)

budget trip
by Hernán Piñera


Let’s start with transportation to and from Brussels. To keep it under the budget I decided to go by bus, with Eurolines. Leaving from Amsterdam to Brussels I could buy a promo ticket for €13. As it is a promo ticket, there are some additional conditions attached to it, but I’ll explain that later. So far only €13 spent. So I’m leaving Amsterdam at 9 a.m. to get to Brussels at 11.45.

For the trip back, I could choose whatever time, as it wouldn’t affect the price. I decided to leave at 8 p.m. as I still want to be able to fully enjoy the rest of the last day in Brussels and get value for my money, without arriving too late in Amsterdam.

What are the ticket conditions?
As mentioned before, there are some strict conditions attached to a promo ticket. The two most important ones are the cancellation policy and making changes.
I won’t say that it’s not possible to cancel your ticket, as it is, but cancelling your ticket means no refund. In addition to that, if you want to make changes to the ticket such as name for example, you have to pay extra.

There’s also a limited amount of promo tickets, and in the high season you usually can’t buy them.

budget accommodation
by Marie

Total for transportation: €13

Now accommodation. I realised that it’s pretty difficult to keep it under €150 if you decide to stay in a hotel. Therefore I chose a hostel. Sleep Well Youth Hostel to be exact. What I like about the hostel is that you won’t be staying in 16/18/20 bed dorms, meaning you won’t have to share the dorm with 15/17/19 people. You can choose between a 6 bed dorm, 4 bed dorm or 3 bed dorm. Of course you can also book your own room, but that’s a lot more expensive. The 3 dorms I mentioned earlier respectively cost €70,50, €75 and €87 for three nights.

I chose the 4 bed dorm.

Total for accommodation: €75


breakfast budget trip
by AJ Leon

Breakfast. Breakfast is included in the price of the stay.

pt budget
by William Murphy

Total for breakfast: €0

And what will I be paying for public transportation? It is possible to travel within Brussels for a whole day, on any kind of transportation, if you buy a JUMP day pass. The day pass costs €7,50 a day, and doesn´t include line 12 to the airport.

Total for public transportation: €30


Accommodation. Check!

Breakfast. Check!

Public transportation. Check!

A 4 day stay in Brussels including transportation and accommodation. Everything is arranged. I have a budget of €150, but what will I actually pay for it. I added everything up and got . . . €118. That is without the extra options such as insurance or a 3 bed dorm. If you would want those options, you would end up paying €135,50, still under the budget.

I would say, enjoy!


Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. Everything in this post is my own opinion. If I were to travel to Brussels with the same budget, I would organize it like this.




How being an Au-Pair got me the travel bug!

In Howard Davis Park au-pair
In Howard Davis Park

Growing up I never really got to travel but always wanted to. So when I finished my job training in 2008 I decided I wanted to be an Au-Pair. After months of research and a lot of Skype calls I found a family through Au-Pair World. I didn’t want to search for a family through an agency, I wanted to find one myself. Considering I hadn’t been away from home before I think I was pretty brave! Since I wanted to improve my English I focused on English speaking countries and finally found my match in Jersey. No, not New Jersey. Jersey is an island in the English Channel just off the French coast. It is the largest of 5 islands that make up the Channel Islands (again, not to be confused with the Chanel Islands in California!) and absolutely stunning.

I still remember the morning of the big day. My parents, brother and best friend took me to the airport to see me off. I was so nervous because it was my first flight and I had to change airports in London. I managed to find the right bus to take me to the right airport and also found my host mum in the arrivals hall in Jersey – success!

St Helier au-pair
St Helier

The first two weeks away from home were very hard for me and I almost broke off to return home but my mum would not let me – thank you Mama!! I started going to play groups and met a lot of other Au-Pairs who were in the same situation and my host mum introduced me to a lovely Irish girl who quickly became my best friend! The summer of 2008 was eagerly spent exploring the island! I got to swim at St Ouens Beach, go for runs along the Avenue, sipped the best Mocha Latte in the “Bean Around the World) which is the best coffee shop in Jersey, tried fish soup served in a loaf of bread and visited the Devil himself at Devil’s Hole!

St. Aubins au-pair
St. Aubins

Although Jersey is very small in size, its population is very diverse. Living abroad also made me find myself and really boosted my confidence. I learnt a new language, held down a job at a local store for three years, made friends for life and found a second home for myself.

A year on, in August 2009, my time as an Au-Pair ended but I stayed for three more years because I loved it so much. Being an Au-Pair and living in Jersey really made me catch the travel bug. I returned home in 2012 and although I have a base here in Innsbruck I haven’t stopped traveling since. If you consider being an Au-Pair – do it! It’s the best way to travel and still have a place to call home at the same time.


My name is Mona and I am the girl behind Travelin’ Galore. I live and work in Innsbruck, Austria and slowly travel my way around the world. I don’t travel for months on end, don’t call myself a nomad and prefer hotels over dorm beds anytime. Your thing too? Flashpack your way around the world with me!
Thanks 😉

8 questions I got about Africa

As some of you may know, I have spent 15 years abroad. in North and West Africa to be exact. And when I tell people about it, I sometimes get weird questions. But some of the questions I get are very weird. Here’s a list:

afrika hut
by John Atherton

1 – Did you live in a tree/hut

Yes, and I would regularly be late for school as I would forget something in the tree, would have to climb back, and that way be late for school. No but seriously, no I did not live in a tree, I just lived in a house, slept in a bed, and ate at a table. I did have TV and internet. Yes, there were more power cuts than average, and yes occasionally they lasted longer than average, but there was always a solution to that.

by Mike Mozart

2 – Did you have ketchup?

Because we all know that a country without ketchup is a country where we do not want to live. Yes we did have ketchuo thet, slighty more expensive than here, but hey, it’s ketchup!

by Andy Carter

3 – Do you speak African?

There are between 1250 and 3000 languages in Africa, so to speak “African” would mean I speak all those languages. Do not wanna show off or anything but I actually do speak all of those languages. No, as I said, if I would speak all those languages I would apply for the Guinness World Records book. I know two words of a Senegalese dialect but I mix them up all the time, so not really useful.

by Di Jones

4 – Does it snow there? Question about Ghana

Ghana is located in West Africa which is located above the equator so no it does not snow. The day that it will snows in Ghana will probably become a national holiday. I kind of understand this question, as it can get snowy in north Africa and south Africa also. But what we had there were hot temperatures or hot temperatures with a lot of rain.

by Michael Bentley

5 – Did you go to school on a camel?

Tunisia, camels, desert, yallah … No. Unfortunately not. How cool would it have been if a camel was my transportation to school. Just like all my classmates, I was brought to school by car.

by Neeta Lind

6 – Did you have beauty products?

No, but do you remember that camel that I ride to go to school, the excrements of it are super good for your skin. Five minute mask and you have a skin as soft as a baby’s bum.

by Matt Biddulph

7 – Did you have lions in the garden?

Yes, because lions in an African capital are as normal as Chihuahuas in Amsterdam. We did not have lions, as I did not live in a safari park. But we had monkeys.

by Christine McIntosh

8 – Did you have electricity?

As mentioned earlier, we had the Internet, and TV and hot water, and that goes through electricity. Yes we did have more power cuts, and longer power cuts. But then again, we also had a solution to that, that isn’t really used her: a power generator (or candles).


Well, I exaggerate a lot in my answers, but these are questions that I frequently heard, and these are not even the worst.

Have you ever gotten really weird questions about your holiday/travel destination? How did you react?




7 tips to get off the plane faster

by David Precious

On my post about why you should be one of the first to board the plane I got the comment: “Could you write a blog about getting off a plane fast.” I thought that was quite logical and still useful for people who have a short transit time, but unfortunately I had no idea how to do that, be fast at getting off a plane, probably because I’ve now accepted that that’s the way it is and that the definition of “chaos “in my dictionary has become ” to board off a plane “.

But after brainstorming for a while and doing some research on Google, I finally found a couple of things.

from SeatGuru

Seat selection

  • Someting that is really important if you want to be able to get off the plane as soon as possible is your seat choice. The closer you are to the door, the sooner you’ll be out. You could sit in the middle or back of the plane and run as fast as you can as soon as the plane lands, but I’m pretty sure that it won’t be appreciated, that you will be sent back to your seat, and will have to wait for the seatbelt sign to turn off before you can start walking towards the exit. So I wouldn’t do that if I were you. What you can do is book a seat that is as close as possible to the exit, which usually is at the front of the plane. Some aircraft, and by that I mean the larger ones, have two doors, one up front and one in the back. Are you in such a plane then you have more choice, because if there is no more room at the front, you can always try the back. I should warn you about the toilets that are often located near those seats. Consequently, there is a good chance that you might sit next to the toilet, and it’s very present smell. Sitting two rows further would also be fine

Tip: To find out if there really is a toitet situated nearby your seat, you could have a look on SeatGuru before booking.

  • It is also convenient to book an aisle seat. If you have a seat in the middle or at the window you still have a problem: you have to wait for your fellow passenger(s) who has the aisle seat to get out first. If you book the aisle seat, you will be out quickly.
by Stuart Conner

Carry-on Luggage

  • The less you have with you, the faster you can board off the plane. Do you have a purse or a backpack with you as carry-on, then you can perfectly put it under the seatin front of you. Do you have a suitcase as carry-on, then it will probably have to be stored in the luggage compartment above your head, especially if you don’t want to loose any legroom. Having to store in in the luggage compartment means that you will spend more time boarding off as you will have to get up, open the luggage compartment, get your carry-on out of the compartment without hitting anyone in the crowd, and then walk. So go for something that is small/compact and will fit under the seat.


  • You still go for the suitcase? Take it out of the luggage compartment at the moment that the the seat belts sign turns on again and have him put under the seat in front of you. You’ll probably lose some legroom, but the reason that you have to fasten your seat belt again is because the plane is going to land, so it is only for a moment. Why is this useful? Well because the only thing you will have to do when the seat belt sign turns off again is pick up your carry-on from under the seat, stand in the aisle, and off you go!
  • Are you walking towards the exit with your carry-on luggage? Keep it in front of you so you can clearly see where you are going with it and avoiding potential obstacles. Everyone has probably experienced having their carry-on stuck behind a chair. That can be prevented by having your carry-on in front of you.
by Enrique


  • Put everything back on as soon as the seat belts must be fasten again, right before landing: socks, shoes, sweater, vest, jacket … then you won’t need to do that at the very last minute, when the door opens.. Have you been reading a magazine? Put that immediately again in your carry-on. Be ready to get on the aisle when you are allowed to unfasten your seat belt.
by Christopher Doyle
by Christopher Doyle

In the aisle

  • When you are finally in the aisle just walk without stopping. I understand that it might be difficult if someone stands in the aisle, but if someone is still from trying to get their luggage while still standing in  front of their seat, just walk past them. The reason there is always such a line is because those who are ready to walk still have to wait for those who are not ready.

The perfect combination of course would be that to travel with a backpack and having an aisle seat in the first row of the plane, but that is not always possible unfortunately. Another  thing is that business class always gets out of the plane first, so even if you are completely ready to board off, you might have to wait a bit. It all depends on how full and large the plane is.


What do you do to get off the plane as soon as possible?




3 reasons why you should be first in line

Why is there always such a line at the gate before boarding a plane? And why do people always try to jump the queue? You would think that there is enough time for people to get in the plane, or am I wrong?

It seems very illogical that there is already a line in front of the gate that goes from here to Timbuktu long before boarding time, and that there are always people trying to jump the queue. It’s not as if they would get the best seats by being first in the plane, as you (usually) get seats appointed. But why would they do it then? I always preferred boarding later than the rest without the gate lice as that first group of people waiting in front of the gate is called, because it is always less hectic without the queue-jumpers, the strollers that are standing in the way, or the pressure to quickly get to your seat because of the people waiting behind you.

Standing in line by David Morris
by David Morris

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