Some may have noticed that there was no activity on the blog for over two months, and there is a reason for that.

After having blogged for two months it turned out I wasn’t quite happy with many things on my blog, and I didn’t really know how to change that in a way that in a few months or years time I wouldn’t have the same problem. Of course you have to change with time and adapt, but this was a different story. In result to that, I decided to take a blogging break and take time to create a plan. So here I am, back after two months and with some changes to the blog.

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Blog subject/categories

I used to only blog about travel, and it didn’t take long before I realised I wanted to write about things I have done, things I enjoy or just share my opinion without it necessarily having anything to do with travel. That is the first thing I changed. Instead of only travel, I will have two new categories: lifestyle and food. And as it is a personal blog, there will be personal articles.

Untitled design


I really liked the logo I had, but it didn’t completely fit the blog anymore considering the changes that were planned. With my new blog I wanted a new logo, and even though I can’t make logo’s I’m pretty happy with the (extremely) minimalist one that I created.


by Nicolas Raymond


When I started blogging my articles were only in Dutch, and after a week or two I started blogging in both English and Dutch. But having to translate every single article from Dutch to English or from english to dutch took so much time. I spent three to for hours if not more on each article including translation. It was so time-consuming, that I stopped to enjoy doing something I loved to do. So I decided to go for one language, and as I write about travel it seemed obvious to me to write in English. With the new updated website I will keep blogging in English.

layout black and white


The way the website looks right now is alright and I don’t really have anything to complain about, everything works fine, but I want something different for my blog. I want a clear overview of the articles, and a simple layout. So I decided to go for the magazine style layout.



Instead of posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I will be posting on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, meaning that if I post a new article it will be on one those days. The reason I decided to change this is because it feels as if there is a big gap if I don’t post in the weekend. In addition to that, the frequency is not strict: I don’t HAVE to post 3 times a week. I don’t it to be an obligation, but something I want to do. Besides that, forcing a post when I actually don’t want to write anything or don’t have the inspiration to write a good article is something that will affect the quality. No need for “filler” content. As it is said: quality over quantity.


The name

And then the one thing that hasn’t changed: the name. I decided to keep the name Gate D47 as it somehow is a part of my life. It is a travel related name, and even though this blog won’t only be focused on travel as it used to, travel is something that made me the person I am (how cliché does that sound…). Living abroad for 15 years isn’t just something you can forget or that won’t affect you now or later in life, it’s something personal and therefore I kept the name.


What do you think of the new website?