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Usually when you travel to a new place there is a thousand things you want to see, and not enough time to see it, it’s fast paced travel. What are things worth seeing in that short amount of time? And what can I save for a next time? In addition to that, organizing the trip can be a hassle as you don’t know the place, how public transportation works, you have to look for a lot of information , and unfortunately you won’t find it all on one single website.

by Chris Yunker

This reminds me of two trips I organized with both Rome as a destination. One was for myself, and the other one was to help organize a school trip.

Let’s discuss them separately.

by Dennis Jarvis

My Rome trip

About three years ago I decided together with two friends that we wanted to go to Italy. It was going to be our graduation trip, our Italy road trip. The idea of going on a trip was way more fun than organizing it, and we ended up not going. It was pretty difficult as we wanted to see so many things in only two weeks. The part where we really struggled was Rome. Why? Well because we wanted to see pretty much everything there is to see, which is a lot and all that in 2 days. And if you have been to Rome you’ll know it is impossible to see it all, if you want to do it properly. But what should I choose, what is a real must see? That was our next question, as we needed a small selection of attractions.

Turns out, and I wish I knew this 3 years ago, that there is an e-book dedicated to visiting Rome in just two days. It’s written by Angelina and Patrick from Rome Sightseeing, which is a very useful website about Rome. Angelina and Patrick are pretty much specialists of the area. Their e-book is called Rome in a Weekend and to get it you only need to give them some social media love (also known as: follow them on social media). That will unlock the e-book, and make it available for you. Their website has everything you need to know about Rome, from hotels, to sights, to clubs, and much more.


by Evelyn Hill

The Rome School trip

Recently I helped organize a school trip to Rome. My tasks consisted of finding cheap restaurants, get information about public transportation, and organize a sightseeing tour through Rome. It had to be around 2 hours long, and this was probably the most difficult task I got for that trip. I have never been to Rome, so I don’t know much about the city, besides that there is a lot to see. Impossible to fit all that into two hours. So as anyone who is looking for information, I used my good old friend Google, but I always got the same list of sights, and if I found different things to do, I couldn’t find any relevant information about the sights. A few days ago, I found a website where they had listed 20 of their favourite things to see in Rome, with a little description of what each thing is. They also had attractions that I had never heard of, that sounded really interesting to me. I would have definitely used this website, had I known about it, as it would have made planning the tour so much easier.

by Dennis Jarvis

So are you planning a trip to Roma, I would strongly suggest you have a look at the links, because there is a lot more to find on that website.


Disclosure: this post is brought to you in collaboration with Rome Sightseeing