3 reasons why you should be first in line

Why is there always such a line at the gate before boarding a plane? And why do people always try to jump the queue? You would think that there is enough time for people to get in the plane, or am I wrong?

It seems very illogical that there is already a line in front of the gate that goes from here to Timbuktu long before boarding time, and that there are always people trying to jump the queue. It’s not as if they would get the best seats by being first in the plane, as you (usually) get seats appointed. But why would they do it then? I always preferred boarding later than the rest without the gate lice as that first group of people waiting in front of the gate is called, because it is always less hectic without the queue-jumpers, the strollers that are standing in the way, or the pressure to quickly get to your seat because of the people waiting behind you.

Standing in line by David Morris
by David Morris

But there are certainly advantages to boarding first that will make your flight a lot better. And these are the reasons why:

This is only applicable with random boarding. With other ways of boarding such as per row or per seat, the boarding order is determined by groundcrew


  • Put your carry-on away


in line for carry on by Swire Chin
by Swire Chin

For people with a small bag or a backpack it’s not really a problem, you can always put it under the seat in front of you, but for those with a small suitcase, or a larger bag as carry-on, it’s different. Usually you have to put it in the luggage compartment above your head, which get full really quickly, especially if there is someone on the plane that has more luggage than allowed. If you are one of the first to get on the plane gets, you will have plenty of space in the luggage compartment to store your carry-on. That way you won’t have to put under the seat, and doing so, loosing legroom.


  •  Seating

If you have a window seat, people will have to get up for you to get to your seat if you board at a later time. By being first in the plane you avoid a big line behind you, caused by people who’ll have to wait for you to get to your seat, as your fellow passengers won’t have to stand up for you to be able to finally sit down. Boarding a plane is already very chaotic, and many people are already irritated by the long wait and the crowds. You will just make it easier for your fellow passengers and yourself

seats with no window by Paul Williams
by Paul Williams

What also happens sometimes is that a passenger just takes an empty seat (where they are not supposed to sit) because it’s their first time flying or they don’t fly that often and  do not completely understand how it works, or because they think it is free seating, which is what they do in some flight. But some do it hoping that no one is actually sitting there, or the one who is supposed to sit there won’t say anything about it and simply choose a different seat. You can prevent a whole argument and “congestion” by getting as fast as possible in the plane.


  • Chaos


big line by Kevin Jaako
by Kevin Jaako

As mentioned earlier, it can be quite chaotic in an airplane while boarding: families with four children having seats spread over three different rows, people who still have to get  stuff from their luggage before taking their seat, while standing in the aisle , crying babies, people who just sit somewhere and then have to stand up because it’s not their seat. It feels really great when you are already sitting and don’t need to do anything anymore, you will not be part of the chaos! You can then start reading a book, listen to music, or just send the last WhatsApp messages/text messages before you go.


What do you usually do when you have to board a plane? Do you wait till it’s less chaotic, or are you one of the first standing in front of the gate?



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