8 questions I got about Africa

As some of you may know, I have spent 15 years abroad. in North and West Africa to be exact. And when I tell people about it, I sometimes get weird questions. But some of the questions I get are very weird. Here’s a list:

afrika hut
by John Atherton

1 – Did you live in a tree/hut

Yes, and I would regularly be late for school as I would forget something in the tree, would have to climb back, and that way be late for school. No but seriously, no I did not live in a tree, I just lived in a house, slept in a bed, and ate at a table. I did have TV and internet. Yes, there were more power cuts than average, and yes occasionally they lasted longer than average, but there was always a solution to that.

by Mike Mozart

2 – Did you have ketchup?

Because we all know that a country without ketchup is a country where we do not want to live. Yes we did have ketchuo thet, slighty more expensive than here, but hey, it’s ketchup!

by Andy Carter

3 – Do you speak African?

There are between 1250 and 3000 languages in Africa, so to speak “African” would mean I speak all those languages. Do not wanna show off or anything but I actually do speak all of those languages. No, as I said, if I would speak all those languages I would apply for the Guinness World Records book. I know two words of a Senegalese dialect but I mix them up all the time, so not really useful.

by Di Jones

4 – Does it snow there? Question about Ghana

Ghana is located in West Africa which is located above the equator so no it does not snow. The day that it will snows in Ghana will probably become a national holiday. I kind of understand this question, as it can get snowy in north Africa and south Africa also. But what we had there were hot temperatures or hot temperatures with a lot of rain.

by Michael Bentley

5 – Did you go to school on a camel?

Tunisia, camels, desert, yallah … No. Unfortunately not. How cool would it have been if a camel was my transportation to school. Just like all my classmates, I was brought to school by car.

by Neeta Lind

6 – Did you have beauty products?

No, but do you remember that camel that I ride to go to school, the excrements of it are super good for your skin. Five minute mask and you have a skin as soft as a baby’s bum.

by Matt Biddulph

7 – Did you have lions in the garden?

Yes, because lions in an African capital are as normal as Chihuahuas in Amsterdam. We did not have lions, as I did not live in a safari park. But we had monkeys.

by Christine McIntosh

8 – Did you have electricity?

As mentioned earlier, we had the Internet, and TV and hot water, and that goes through electricity. Yes we did have more power cuts, and longer power cuts. But then again, we also had a solution to that, that isn’t really used her: a power generator (or candles).


Well, I exaggerate a lot in my answers, but these are questions that I frequently heard, and these are not even the worst.

Have you ever gotten really weird questions about your holiday/travel destination? How did you react?




2 thoughts on “8 questions I got about Africa

  1. haha wat een vragen sommige. leuk beantwoord 😉

    toen ik mijn ouders vertelde dat we naar curacao gingen verhuizen was mijn vader er heilig van overtuigd dat curacao een 3e wereld land was en we in een klein houten hutje zonder stromend water en elektriciteit gingen wonen daar. :’)

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