My Travel Bucket List

There are a lot of things that I still want to see and do in my life, and a lot of those things are related to travel. That’s why I created a list. My bucket list. It is not definite, and I am pretty sure that I will add things to this list faster than I can do them, but I still have enough time to visit the places, and take part in the activities.


bucket list living with cheetahs
by Caroline Granycome

1 – Volunteer at Living with Cheetahs – South Africa

A while ago I saw a video on YouTube on a travel youtuber’s channel. It was about this project to get cheetahs back in the wild. The goal of the video was probably to “sell ” the journey, and they succeeded, because that’s something I’d like to do…

bucket list visit continent
by Nicolas Raymond

2 – Visit all 6(7) continents – World

Three down, 3/4 to go!

bucket list northern light
by Jim Trodel

3 – See the Northern Light – Norway

I think pretty much everyone would like to see it. It seems so unreal, I gotta see it to believe it :p

bucket list etosha
by Joachim Huber

4 – Go to Namibia – Namibia

I wanted to do my tourism internship there. Unfortunately I didn’t do the internship, but I still want to go to Namibia some time.

bucket list glowworm cave

5 – Go to the Glowworm Caves – New Zealand

The picture speaks for itself 🙂

sea of starts

6 – See the Sea of Stars – Maldives

The picture speaks for itself 🙂

bucket list america
by Remon Rijper

7 – Visit all fifty states of America – USA

Some of the things I want to do aren’t be justified, just a thing I would like to do.

bucket list blumenau oktoberfest
by Vitor Pamplona

8 – Take part in Oktoberfest in Blumenau – Brazil

There are quite a lot of people I know who have gone to  Oktoberfest in Munich , and I also would like to go there. But you know what seems more fun to do than celebrating Oktoberfest in Munich? To celebrate it in Blumenau, a city in Brazil, which was founded by German immigrants.

bucket list hobbiton
by Sheila Thomson

9 – Visit the Hobbiton movie set – New Zealand

Some of the things I want to do aren’t justified, just a thing I would like to do.

bucket list victoria falls
by Mario Micklisch

10 – Go to the Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe

Some of the things I want to do aren’t justified, just a thing I would like to do.

bucket list myanmar
by Marc Veraart

11 – Go to Myanmar – Myanmar

One time I interviewed someone about backpacking. She talked about her trip to Burma, and why she enjoyed it so much. That it’s different compared to Thailand for instance and less touristy. That’s when my Myanmar “obsession” started.

bucket list trans mongolian
by Ramon Boersbroek

12 – Travel with the Transmongolian Express – Russia/China

Some of the things I want to do aren’t justified, just a thing I would like to do.

bucket list brazil
by Xavier Donat

13 – Go to Brazil a second time – Brazil

Two years ago I was in Brazil for my study and really loved it . Not only the weather, the food, the nature, but also the culture . So I would like to go back once again.

bucket list Denmark
by John Anes

14 – Go to Denmark – Denmark

I’ve always wanted to visit Scandinavia, I even almost moved Norway for 6 months. At the moment it’s Denmark that is constantly in my mind, Copenhagen to be specific . And with a little luck and good planning I will be checking this off my list in the summer 🙂

bucket list Japan
by Luke Ma

15 – Go to Japan – Japan

Some of the things I want to do aren’t justified, just a thing I would like to do.

Have you been to any of these places? Or done any of these things?




One thought on “My Travel Bucket List

  1. I really like this bucketlist! I made one myself the other day, and I would also love to see the Northern light & Denmark. I’ve never been out of Europe, but the other things on your list also look stunning (:

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