Budget Trip: Brussels

Here I am with a new blog series: Budget Trip. In this series I will write frequent posts about trips under a specific budget.Within the budget are included transportation, accommodation, breakfast and public transportation.

Destination: Brussels

Budget: €150

Duration of stay: 4 days (September 4th – September 7th)

budget trip
by Hernán Piñera


Let’s start with transportation to and from Brussels. To keep it under the budget I decided to go by bus, with Eurolines. Leaving from Amsterdam to Brussels I could buy a promo ticket for €13. As it is a promo ticket, there are some additional conditions attached to it, but I’ll explain that later. So far only €13 spent. So I’m leaving Amsterdam at 9 a.m. to get to Brussels at 11.45.

For the trip back, I could choose whatever time, as it wouldn’t affect the price. I decided to leave at 8 p.m. as I still want to be able to fully enjoy the rest of the last day in Brussels and get value for my money, without arriving too late in Amsterdam.

What are the ticket conditions?
As mentioned before, there are some strict conditions attached to a promo ticket. The two most important ones are the cancellation policy and making changes.
I won’t say that it’s not possible to cancel your ticket, as it is, but cancelling your ticket means no refund. In addition to that, if you want to make changes to the ticket such as name for example, you have to pay extra.

There’s also a limited amount of promo tickets, and in the high season you usually can’t buy them.

budget accommodation
by Marie

Total for transportation: €13

Now accommodation. I realised that it’s pretty difficult to keep it under €150 if you decide to stay in a hotel. Therefore I chose a hostel. Sleep Well Youth Hostel to be exact. What I like about the hostel is that you won’t be staying in 16/18/20 bed dorms, meaning you won’t have to share the dorm with 15/17/19 people. You can choose between a 6 bed dorm, 4 bed dorm or 3 bed dorm. Of course you can also book your own room, but that’s a lot more expensive. The 3 dorms I mentioned earlier respectively cost €70,50, €75 and €87 for three nights.

I chose the 4 bed dorm.

Total for accommodation: €75


breakfast budget trip
by AJ Leon

Breakfast. Breakfast is included in the price of the stay.

pt budget
by William Murphy

Total for breakfast: €0

And what will I be paying for public transportation? It is possible to travel within Brussels for a whole day, on any kind of transportation, if you buy a JUMP day pass. The day pass costs €7,50 a day, and doesn´t include line 12 to the airport.

Total for public transportation: €30


Accommodation. Check!

Breakfast. Check!

Public transportation. Check!

A 4 day stay in Brussels including transportation and accommodation. Everything is arranged. I have a budget of €150, but what will I actually pay for it. I added everything up and got . . . €118. That is without the extra options such as insurance or a 3 bed dorm. If you would want those options, you would end up paying €135,50, still under the budget.

I would say, enjoy!


Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. Everything in this post is my own opinion. If I were to travel to Brussels with the same budget, I would organize it like this.




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