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Something you have to experience at least once, is to travel in business class. It’s a whole experience in itself. Some of the advantages are for example having more than enough leg room, good tasty food, choice in the food you want to eat, you can sleep well as the seats can completely recline, access to the business class lounge, use the priority lane when checking in or boarding.  I have experienced it before, and to be honest, I loved it, and the only thing keeping me from doing it again is the price of a business class ticket. I like to use my money wisely so spending that $2000 to $6000 on a ticket, knowing I could do so much more with it, is just not an option for me. But there is a way to find the best business class deals, and it’s called Passport Premiere.

by Matt Weibo and Kenneth Lu business class passport premiere
by Matt Weibo and Kenneth Lu

Passport Premiere is a website that allows you to find the best deals on business class tickets. They advise you whether you should buy a ticket or not, according to the prices rising or dropping, the airlines having sales and buyers behaviour. If no one buys, the prices drop.

It surprises me that I didn’t know about this before, as it is really useful. Instead of having to keep an eye yourself on what the best fares are, you can rely on someone with experience who will tell when to buy or when to wait, and in that way you are guaranteed to get the best deal.

Here’s an example. If I would look at economy class tickets from New York to Paris, I would pay around $800 for the cheapest roundtrip ticket. But if I would choose to fly business class, it would cost me at least $2000, which is almost three times the price of a seat in economy class. As I like to spend my money wisely, I would probably choose the cheapest option, in this case economy class. But, on April 14th, business class fares with American Airlines between New York and Paris fell from $5600 to $474 for a round trip. Something I probably would have never known. I could have enjoyed a flight to Paris and back, not only by it being half the price of an economy class ticket, but also with all the benefits of business class.

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by Phillip Capper

There is an annual membership fee for the services provided by Passport Premiere, but If you travel a lot, go on intercontinental trips, and fly business class, then this is definitely something for you, you will save a lot of money, and earn the money back you spent on the membership.

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2 thoughts on “Business Class Deals: Passport Premiere

  1. I used Passport Premiere for several years. I like the new website and ability to pick my own flights in real time. The only thing I don’t quite understand is the difference between Passport Premiere and the Chairman’s Club. Any insight would be appreciated. I first thought that Passport Premiere helped with access to airport and airline business class lounges. Well, I learned the hard way that it doesn’t cover club access. But what it does with fares and pricing and timing MORE than makes it worth it

  2. Was American the only airline that offered this fare or were similar fare available on other airlines? What about Delta Airlines, Air France, United. Does anyone know what kind of business class seats American Airlines is using between the U.S. and Paris. I think that one of the flights has the flat bed in business class. I know United has the business class flat bed. If you can get these kind of discounts and a business class flat bed it makes sense

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